Intelligent.  Friendly.  Warm.  Energetic.  Tenor/Baritone.  Late 40's and younger.  Voice Actor.

Rick is a 25 years veteran of the audio post production industry. While engineering sessions has been his passion and livelihood, he eventually became fond of voiceover and lending his talent to a variety of projects throughout the past two decades. Rick and the post production company he co-owns, Earshot Audiopost, is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and has established itself as the premier post production studio in the region.  Rick is also the creator and co-host of Inside MusiCast, a podcast devoted to in-depth interviews with the best musicians on the planet.  


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Pulte Homes
Contante & Sonante
GE Oil and Gas
ITT Technical Institute


Accessible via ISDN, Source Connect Pro or phone patch through my audio post production studio in Indianapolis - Earshot Audiopost.




With 25+ years of voiceover experience, Rick has voiced projects for local, regional and national clients, including educational institutions, automotive services, home builders, travel and tourism, medical facilities, concert promotions, lotteries, restaurants, and more.



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317-668-4928 (x2)


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720 N. Park Avenue

Indianapolis, IN  46202

Cell: 317-414-3881

Studio: 317-803-3727

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